Most of the services that offers to artists are not very widely known, and that’s mostly because they’ve never been cataloged in one place. The list of services below isn’t completely exhaustive of all we do for artists, but for the most part it covers it. If you’re interested, please utilize the contact page.

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Web Hosting

Host not only your website on tunelab, but use it as the main hub for all of your other properties. Store images, music, and just about anything else. Fast and reliable.

E-Commerce/Music Store

Why sell only through third-party services when you can sell directly to your fans without having to pay a middle-man? Our store software allows you to sell both physical and digital goods directly to fans. Digital downloads can be sold in any format, and are instantly downloadable after purchase. That means you can sell in higher quality than iTunes, for less cost to your fans, and still net more money. Oh, and your store can be integrated seamlessly with your Facebook page.

Facebook Integration

Any content hosted here (including music store, fundraisers, events, blogs, etc.) can be seamlessly integrated with your Facebook page as a separate “tab.” That means you just have to update everything in one place, and it’s synced everywhere else.

Physical Merch Fulfillment

Don’t worry about having to ship out orders of physical CDs, shirts, or any number of other items. We can take care of that for you at a very affordable rate.

Drop Codes

Drop codes are randomly generated codes that can be placed anywhere or given out to fans, that when entered on your website, generates either a one-time download or limited amount of downloads of whatever you specify. “Hide” them online for fans to discover, or hand them out on printed slips at shows, with fans knowing that they get at least some sort of download, with one or more unlocking an exclusive download.

Social Marketing Tools

Social Marketing tools include snippets of code you can place on your website or elsewhere that allow fans to get a free download in exchange for an email address, a Tweet, or a Facebook Like/Share.

Events Management Tools

Events management allows you to manage everything about a concert or other event, including RSVPs via your website, Twitter, and Facebook, and also the ability to sell tickets directly to fans.

Social Networking

Your own complete social network for you and your fans. Includes Facebook login, forums, private messaging, and more.