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How We Listen: On-the-Go

This will be part of a very short series of posts entitled “how we listen” that goes into the audio setup some of us use in various situations and the ups and downs. Starting off: on-the-go.

My commute is primarily by train (DC Metro) and occasionally the bus as well. I also am usually able to…


The “Pono” Player Will Change Nothing

When I first heard that Neil Young was trying to develop his own format for higher quality audio, I was pretty skeptical that anything noteworthy would come of it, simply because it’s not “needed” by consumers. Several variations of high quality digital music already exist, and they’re already not used, so why would yet another…


Sinshrift – “One More Reason” [Free Download]

Melodic, Aggressive, and Infectious… Sinshrift employs the necessary tools to have a successful sound without becoming cliché and compromised. Continuing to perform and excel they have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with bands such as Evans Blue, Smile Empty Soul, In…

Candlelight Red – “Demons”

Candlelight Red have just released the first single and title track, “Demons,” from their upcoming new EP. The song is available now on iTunes and Amazon. ‘Demons’ will feature 4 tracks produced by Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose and is due out August 14th.

Candlelight will be hitting the road on the…

Full Album Stream: Janus – ‘Nox Aeris’

The highly-anticipated new album from Janus ‘Nox Aeris’ is finally arriving this week, and we’ve got your full album stream below. Check it out and find out why we gave it a near-perfect rating with our album review. The disc is in stores today, and you can also pick it up on

Try Enqueue for a Mac OS X iTunes Replacement

If you’re using Mac OS X and seeking a full time audio player, look no further than Enqueue. I’ve been using it since October 2011, and it just recently left beta and landed in the App Store for $9.99. The price may seem to be a bit on the steep side,…