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Review: Beacon Audio “Orion” Headphones

Beacon Audio “Orion”The first impression of the Beacon Audio Orion on-ear headphones is that they look great. They’re presented in a pretty luxurious-looking bed inside of the box, which is nicely designed as well. The headphones themselves are simply a single metal band, with attachments…

Try Enqueue for a Mac OS X iTunes Replacement

If you’re using Mac OS X and seeking a full time audio player, look no further than Enqueue. I’ve been using it since October 2011, and it just recently left beta and landed in the App Store for $9.99. The price may seem to be a bit on the steep side,…

Review: FiiO E7 DAC and E9 Desktop Amplifier

I recently purchased the FiiO E7 digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and FiiO E9 Desktop Headphone Amplifier after hearing and reading good things about the combo. Both products can be used separately on their own, but the manufacturer thought to design it so that the E7 can be docked into the E9 (illustrated at left) to create…

Review: Lo-Pro – ‘The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge’

I confess, prior to spinning ‘The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge,’ I didn’t have a single clue who Lo-Pro was. I wasn’t aware I was listening to a product at least seven years in the making, from a band who’d lost their record label. I had no idea that this was a group that had toured with bands the likes of Staind and Three Days Grace, a niche they fit in to oh-so-perfectly. Most importantly, I couldn’t believe a band with this kind of talent had slipped under my radar for so long. The good thing is they are on it now, and I don’t plan to let them slip away any time soon.

Review: Sevendust – ‘Cold Day Memory’

Clint Lowery is back. Sevendust fans know the name well, and should be excited. Having departed the hard-rocking Atlanta quintet for Dark New Day in 2004, fans of the band have lamented the loss of his influence and notable shredding ability. No fear though, 2010’s ‘Cold Day Memory’ highlights the return of the acclaimed guitarist, and just in time to give Sevendust the necessary inspiration to return to their hard rock roots. After a far mellower experiment in the form of 2008’s ‘Chapter VII: Hope and Sorrow,’ ‘Cold Day Memory’ is an exciting return to form, as Lowery’s influence on the record appears to have brought forth one of the most explosive records of the year.

Review: Framing Hanley – ‘A Promise to Burn’

Framing Hanley’s debut album, ‘The Moment’, was a difficult album to describe. At times mundane, other times vibrant, the album proved to be a sparkling debut, but not one that left a lingering taste. For the three years since, I’ve seen Framing Hanley as a band with great potential. The Nashville quintet has a good sense of song writing, and a talented and unique set of performers. Their newest album ‘A Promise to Burn’ sees the band take their second stab at greatness, an attempt highlighted by a much greater variety of music, and a realization of potential. ‘A Promise to Burn’ is not hard to describe; it is quite simply amazing.