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Square Froze Our Account Without Warning or Explanation

Two months ago, we published an article about the new Square Market and how it was the best way to sell merch online. Well… maybe not.

On October 14th, I received an email from Square simply stating that they had reviewed my account, detected “high-risk activity,” and subsequently…

The New Square Market is (Update: NOT) the Best Way to Sell Merch Online


Since publishing this, we’ve had a serious issue and no longer recommend Square Market. Read more in this updated blog post.

Few should be unfamiliar with Square, the little credit card reader that plugs into any smartphone’s headphone jack and allows you to take payments with their free app and…

Every Band Should Have a Square Account

If you’re a band, often times your best chance of generating income is selling music and merch directly to your fans at the shows. As a fan, there have been plenty of times where I might have purchased an album or t-shirt, but just didn’t have the…