Welcome to TuneLab Artist Services

Intro – What We Do

In the simplest terms, we provide services to help artists save money and make more money. We offer web hosting, online stores, marketing tools, social media apps and integration, and can even manage all these tools for you. There are no tiers or packages — you only pay for what you need. In some cases for unsigned bands, many of these things are offered for FREE. While we’re saving you money, you can actually make more money with our online stores, because we don’t take a cut of your sales. For instance, with a $9.99 album download, you net about $2.62 more for each sale as compared to iTunes.

Background – Who We Are

TuneLab was launched in June 2003 with the original intention to make a rock music news site that we could use as a platform to introduce unsigned bands. The idea was that once the site was popular enough, we’d start sneaking in news stories on unsigned, lesser-known bands just like we would any other band without drawing any attention to their status. Readers could then “discover” those bands they’d never heard of without the bias some would hold against them for being “unproven” artists. Subconsciously they’d just be adopted into the reader’s library, mp3 player, and concert schedule.

Over the years we didn’t stick to that script exactly, but we always tried to have an unsigned band featured on the site at any given time. We changed with the times over the years while sticking to our core of rock music news with an added message board, and then a couple years ago changed a little more drastically switching the main site to just a general rock music and industry blog. Along with some other offshoots and side endeavors, we started offering what is now artist services to a few bands and put up a page for it while leaving the site as just an occasionally updated blog focusing on videos and album streams.

We didn’t expect everyone to suddenly know about the services we provided, but we were surprised that even regular visitors to the site weren’t aware of its existence. So because of that, we’re keeping the blog going, but moving it to a secondary spot behind artist services, which is the main focus going forward.

Goals – What’s In It For Us?

There are several reasons we’re doing these artists services for so cheap or in some cases free. The main one is that it’s always been tunelab’s mission to help out [deserving] unsigned artists in any way we can, and this is a way we can do that. In this industry the phrase “every penny counts” is even more true these days. Lots of artists either don’t have the time or don’t have the knowledge to do everything themselves and stop having to pay ridiculous fees to middlemen, and we can help them.

For us as fans, helping the artist helps us avoid the little frustrations we have, such as not being able to find information about a band or not being able to buy the music in a higher quality than the compressed stuff iTunes and Amazon sell. And of course the money we do charge helps cover the cost of running the server and upgrade it as necessary.

Interested In Learning More?

We’ll be building out pages with details on each service, pricing, clients, and testimonials, but for now you can see a basic listing of services here, and get in touch using the contact page.